Hack Attack! 'Wikiboat' Steal 21,000 Billabong Passwords
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Its happened again: Billabong latest victim of ‘hacktivism’ hitting major global names.

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Over 21,000 passwords have been nicked from iconic Aussie surfer brand Billabong, SC Magazine confirmed.

The publication, were the first to uncover the data breach on #WikiBoatWednesday page on Twitter, which published details of the cache online.

“Hacktivists” apparent WikiBoat broke into the site as part of the WikiBoatWednesday project, and leaked, names, emails addresses, passwords of site user accounts.

Previously unaware Billabong shut down its site following the breach and told SC no credit card data was among the leaked info:

“At this stage, we understand that the customer database contains personal information of certain customers of the website, but no financial data. We view this attack as an extremely serious matter and have taken urgent action to contain the incident and prevent further attacks occurring.

“We are continuing to gather information about the incident and to establish the extent and nature of the data that may have been accessed. We will take further appropriate measures as new information comes to light”.

This is just the latest in a spate of such attacks – just last week over 450,000 passwords were stolen from Yahoo Voices. and leaked to the web.