Hand Cleaner Has Massive Kill Rate
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InstantFOAM is claimed to be the first alcohol-based foam hand sanitiser to reach the Australian market, which requires no water and has a hospital-strength formula that kills 99.999 percent of germs instantly without any sticky residue.

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Statistics show that as winter temperatures drop Australian employers can expect 58 percent of their workforce to be absent from the workplace due to cold and flu-related illnesses costing businesses millions of dollars in lost time and productivity, claims instantFOAM local distributor Deb Australia.

Local and international scientific research has found hands to be the most insidious vehicles for the spread of germs in the workplace. Germs spread easily from person to person by shaking hands and touching common surfaces such as telephones, lift buttons, door handles, desk surfaces, keyboards and pens.

Custom designed for the industrial and commercial sector, InstantFOAM is a specialist, hospital-grade product only available by direct order. It comes available in dispensers and foaming pumps.