Harvey-Only: Sony PlayStation 3D TV Sold At 1 Shop
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Harvey has jumped into bed with Sony’s new gaming 3D display, but like any jealous lovers it won’t leave room for any one else.Sony revealed the Harvey-only only strategy in an interview with SMH Screenplay earlier this week, saying it will “test” the gaming market before it goes hell for leather on the 24 inch TV display to compliment the PlayStation, which will cost $699 here.

The 3DTV first announced at E3 2011 will be released on 03 November but only through Harvey Norman, lets two people view different images on the screen at the same time thanks to ‘SimulView’- it’s like having two displays in one, say its maker.

This 24-inch display brings stereoscopic 3D gaming for titles like Uncharted 3 comes bundled with two shutter 3D glases.

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“We think the technology is pretty exciting for core gamers,” says Sony’s Australia Computer Entertainment MD, Michael Ephraim. “To be able to play two gamers on one screen, and 3D gaming, is certainly appealing.”

And it looks like Sony are playing softly catchee monkey with their new display, unsure if it will wash with gamers here. 

“We’re going to test it because it is innovative technology. We really wanted to test it before we made a big commitment because it’s not like a Memory Stick kind of product, there are long lead times on manufacturing, high price,” he said.

Demand in the US for the display has been questionable, with Sony throwing in bundling extras on pre-order including 3D glasses, a HDMI cable, Resistance 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse for US$499.

“It is Harvey Norman embracing new technology and us having a partner there that we can test it with,” Ephraim continued.

 “If it goes extremely well, we’ll keep supporting it. It is a high ticket price item and there is 3D TVs out there, we just want to make sure there’s a market for it.”


He also denied 3D demand has flopped, “I don’t think 3D is finished, it’s just that we expected it to take off much faster than what happened.

So bad news gamers, Harvey’s is your only man for the PS TV, it appears.