Has The Dick Smith Customer Database Been Nicked?
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Claims that the Dick Smith customer database which was sold this week to online trader Kogan, was obtained by a disgruntled employee, days after the Company was placed in administration have still not been confirmed.

According to sources Dick Smith ran an IBM AS 400 server on which the database was stored.

The Company chose not to use an external database management Company such as Mail Chimp.

Security on the server was departmentalised, so that staff from each department at Dick Smith could only access information relative to their department.

What ChannelNews has been told is the database was copied and is available for sale.

Sources have told ChannelNews that several people working in marketing, sales, research, IT administration, along with senior management had access to the customer database. 
What is known is that Dick Smith did have security in place around the database and that false names were entered into the database that would flag whether anyone was using the database without the permission of Dick Smith management.

The only problem is that the bulk of the people who knew the security codes and which were the planted customers have since been terminated by receiver Ferrier Hodgson.
Earlier this week Kogan the operators of the Kogan.com.au web site acquired the database, the Dick Smith online site, the Dick Smith and Move brand names.
He is set to relaunch the Magento back end site in July. 

What is not known is whether Kogan will operate two separate sites using two different transaction engines, or whether he will simply reskin the Kogan site with Dick Smith templates and branding and only expose certain products to the Dick Smith site that are not available on the Kogan site.

Neither Ferrier Hodgson or Dick Smith have commented for this story.