Height Adjustable Work Stations From AME
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The Ultimate activConsole from AME can accommodate up to 10 small LCD monitors or a combination of small and large monitors, each of which is adjustable for optimum viewing angle.

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This world’s first dual console is based on ergonomic and health research that shows prolonged static sitting has cumulative health impacts on lower backs, upper body joints as well as leading to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Sitting for long periods also impedes oxygenation, or blood flow to the brain. Standing promotes oxygenation and enhances concentration. An operator becomes more ‘active’ at work through having the flexibility to sit or stand while they work.

Richard Winnicki, founder of AME System in Clayton (Melbourne), is an international leader in ergonomic electric height adjustable workstations in the biotechnology, avionics, electronics, control room, trading, data processing, command, surveillance, engineering, design and entertainment environments.

“It is extremely beneficial for our bodies, for our concentration levels and productivity to have the flexibility to sit or stand at the push of a button,” says Winnicki. “The activConsole range (there are three) takes into account every body shape and adjusts when the operator feels the need to sit or stand. It’s ideal in 24 hour working environments with rotating operators with different physical requirements.”

The Ultimate (dual) activConsole has a light, but sturdy aluminium frame and a four leg system with a height range of between 700mm – 1200mm electrically adjusted at the push of a button.

The lifting capacity of each console surface is an impressive 140 kg. The dual console unit has an electrical duct with 20 outlets.

The work bench surface is 1210mm and 640mm deep. The LCD monitor surface is 1970mm wide and 450mm deep. The surfaces are available in 17 colours and grains.

From $5200