Hello, Cloud: 230,000 Ditch Copper For VoIP
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Cloud telephony taking off as Aussies disconnect from old copper network

Cloud telephony is on the rise, MyNetFone says it has ported almost quarter of a million users  (over 230K) switching to Voice over IP services. 
The telco say it due to Number Porting, which allows users to retain existing phone numbers when they switch over to a ‘virtual’ Internet based VoIP service, hosted in the cloud. 
Cloud telephony, a virtual phone system based on VoIP technology, gives business functionality similar to traditional PBXls, like call hold, transfers, conference calls and Interactive Voice Response.

MyNetFone CEO, Rene Sugo puts it down to more consumers understanding the cloud and Voice over IP. 

“As the OCloud becomes more understood and accepted, we’re seeing far greater interest in cloud-based telephony, using Voice over IP,” said Sugo. 
“Number Porting makes it quick and simple to switch from copper to cloud, and this is reflected in the ever increasing volume of phone numbers that we move into the cloud and host on our network.”
And its cheaper.
Plan start at $9.95 for residential users, and $60 for business users.  
A business located in Melbourne can get local numbers in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth making it easy for local customers to call them.
“Whilst many people focus on data when it comes to the NBN, it also spells the end of traditional voice services. Bundling of VoIP and data services will be the norm in two to three years, ” says MyNetFone boss.