Hi-5 Foursquare: Obama Social 'Check In' Boost
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US president serves up a dose of street cred to the ‘check-in’ site by signing on.

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Obama’s social networking quadrant is now complete – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Foursquare, where members check-in via smartphone and find out where friends are.

President Barack Obama has joined in the check-in fun and will be checking in to various locations as he embarks on an economic policy bus tour of USA and “is the latest way for you to engage with the administration,” according to the White House blog. 

Foursquare, which has 10 million members, could also be handy web tool as Democrats looking to drum up support for his next presidential campaign in 2012.

Many are already citing the move as ‘crucial’ for the success of his bid for re-election. 

The web friendly President already has racked up over 12,000 followers. 

“You can follow the President on the road through Cannon Falls, Minnesota; Decorah and Peosta, Iowa; and Atkinson and Alpha, Illinois. Through the new White House page on Foursquare, you can keep up with the President’s tour and check-in to let your friends know you’re there.”

The White House will also be giving tips from the cities it visits. Can’t wait. 


The move could also prove a massive boost for the social network, set up in 2009.