Hi Def Or Low Res, Gefen 1080p Scaler Handles It All
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Need to integrate audio/video systems using displays with different native resolutions? Look no further.

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Gefen has introduced a new high definition 1080p scaler that improves multi-display system performance with switchable digital audio imputs.

This means installers no longer have to set the lowest common resolutions among all displays when sending signals to more than one display in a room.

The Gefen ToolBox HD 1080p Scaler automatically scales up or down any high definition signal to meet the maximum resolution supported by the connected HDTV display.

For example, if one display supports 720p as its maximum resolution, while three other displays support 1080p full HD, when the HD 1080p Scaler is connected to the 720p display, it  accepts the 1080p input and downscales it to 720p, while the other displays receive the highest resolutions they are capable of.

Thus 1080p resolutions  can be viewed on displays with 1080p full HD capability, while lower res displays are scaled down to their  maximum resolution.

In a home entertainment scenario, a 720p projector and 1080p display can both be connected to the same audio/video source. With the 1080p Scaler connected to the projector, the signal is automatically downscaled to 720p, while the display receives a full HD signal.


All video resolutions can also be manually scaled up or down to accommodate any type or size display using HDMI.

Three switchable digital audio inputs and outputs support coax, optical and HDMI devices. You can input coax or optical audio and bypass the HDMI audio or output it as HDMI audio. You can also input HDMI audio and output it as coax, optical and HDMI. All three audio outputs are live. Users select their audio using the menu button, RS-232 or IR remote.