Hitachi Projector Offers Remote Access
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The new Hitachi LCD projector can be networked, controlled and maintained from one remote location via a network connection.

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The Hitachi CP-X3010N has a brightness of 3,000 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and the convenience of multi-networking capability. It features 16 watts of built-in audio and a low noise rating of 29 dBA in Eco Mode. Additionally, the CP-X3010N features a long lamp life of 3,000 hours in Standard Mode and 6,000 hours in Eco Mode.

Hitachi’s Product Manager, Digital Presentations Solutions Division, Bill Christoforou said, “The Hitachi CP-X3010N projector brings networking functionality to applications such as education and corporate environments, where the ability to monitor and manage multiple projectors is often required. With this projector, Hitachi has addressed the increased demand for networking technology with tools that lower the total cost of ownership as a result of added convenience, security and ease of operation.”

Hitachi’s proprietary My Image functionality allows AV/IT administrators to transfer still images, such as emergency alerts, from a PC to each projector on the network. This is ideal for applications in which multiple projectors are networked across a large space, such as a school, campus or large corporate environment. My Image is ideal for sending presentation images ahead to a projector, sending morning announcements to rooms on campus or sending important notifications to boardrooms.


Hitachi’s Projector Messenger Application (“PJMessenger”) software also allows an administrator to send real-time (or stored) text messages that appear on the screen of the projector. This is perfect for sending campus or company-wide announcements and important notifications. When used in conjunction with the scheduling function, notifications can be shown at pre-set times, making each screen a virtual message board.

The CP-X3010N also comes with Hitachi’s Projector Control Application (PJCtrl) which allows a user to control the functions of their Hitachi Projector through a toolbar on their desktop or laptop PC. Since all of the functions for controlling the projector are on the PC, PJCtrl helps to reduce costs associated with lost remote controls and battery replacement.

Furthermore, the CP-X3010N features a Transition Detector, requiring a password to operate the projector when it is moved from a fixed position. The CP-X3010N also offers PIN Lock and MyScreen functions, along with a security bar that enables the use of a heavy chain to prevent theft.