Hitachi Storage Drives Up In The Cloud
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Hitachi is releasing a range of external hard drives that link portable storage with cloud storage.

The Hitachi Touro range of external hard drives starts at 320GB and extend up to 3TB of storage space.

3GB of online storage is coupled with the hard drives, with extra cloud space going for US$49 per year for 250GB. Upgrades come with iPad and iPhone apps to navigate the stored data.

Cloud storage allows physically backed-up data to be accessed on devices that aren’t fit for ordinary USB connections like iPads and smartphones, while USB 3.0 compatibility allows the USB connections to run fast.

In-built back-up software is customisable for scheduled back-ups of your selected data on PCs and Macs.

The Hitachi Touro External Drive Family is coming this May, distributed by both Altech Avnet. Prices start at $74.50 for a ‘mobile drive’ and $94.50 for a ‘desk drive.’ The full RRP list for the range is on the next page.