Hitachi Widescreen Projector For Boardrooms
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Hitachi has released a 3000 ANSI lumens widescreen projector aimed at businesses and education facilities.

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The CP-WX410 features a true 1280 x 800 colour pixels and 16:10 widescreen image, making it compatible with industry standard laptop displays. This HD-ready LCD projector also has a new Hybrid filter designed to be used for over 4000 hours in normal usage.

Hitachi Australia’s Product Manager, Digital Presentation Solutions, Bill Christoforou said “The CP-WX410 is one of our most impressive projectors to date. By combining convenient widescreen and HD-ready capabilities with its portability, our latest LCD projector delivers extremely high performance within both business and educational environments.”

 “The CP-WX410 introduces high quality widescreen abilities along with a compatible size for portability. Hitachi can now offer the Australian projector industry a full range of products that match current and future market trends,” added Bill.

The CP-WX410 also features an improved Security Bar, preventing theft when mounted on the ceiling or used on a cart-top. It also allows for projection onto a variety of surfaces including blackboard, whiteboard and greenboard modes, ensuring optimum visibility.

Hitachi has also announced that it is an official contributor of Sydney Festival 2010 and has donated six LCD projectors. These will be utilised in the foyer of the Seymour Centre for the duration of the renowned festival and will greatly enhance the festival goers’ experience, as the space is transformed into an ecliptic mix of films, advertisements and moving images in high contrast image and exceptional colour reproduction. 
The models donated were three portable/installation LCD data projector (two CPX450s and CPX4020) and three larger installation LCD data projectors (CPX809, CPX615, and CPX705). 
Malcolm Moir, Head of Business Development, Sydney Festival said: “Our production and design colleagues feel the addition of the Hitachi projectors will give us the opportunity to greatly enhance the foyer environment of the Seymour Centre by allowing festival goers to utilise the equipment in a number of different ways, such as being able to access the Internet.”
Dipak Kumar, General Manager, Digital Technology Solutions Group Hitachi Australia comments, “It is a privilege to be involved with Sydney Festival in this way, the high calibre of technology will help to ensure the highest levels of audience enjoyment. Hitachi is pleased to provide projectors that are of the highest quality and performance to a great event that will be appreciated by audiences, residents and tourists.”
The Hitachi LCD projectors will be used in the Seymour Centre foyer for the duration of Sydney Festival (6 January – 31 January)