HP Extends Smart Office Portfolio
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HP has launched a range of new Smart Office products including workstations, notebooks, printers and docking stations designed for the SMB market in a bid to focus on new markets and technologies.

“Analysts are predicting a tough year for the IT sector in 2007, as although there is a lot of talk about Intel Viiv and Microsoft Vista, but no obvious reason to buy. But with HP’s technology, combined with Intel’s and Engin’s – SMBs will see faster results and cost reductions,” said HP’s Paul Robson.

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Thin Client
The company’s range of business desktop products includes four new models (from $900) which support the latest dual core processors and Intel vPro technology as well as a Debian Linux-based Thin Client ($700) which can be used in server based computing solutions or as a customizable client. HP’s Kevin Yap said the latter is ideal for call centres and such that need to “keep their secure stuff sitting on the data server, but don’t need as much processing power.” He also said that this is “one of the more interesting sides of the HP range as it is seeing 50 percent growth annually.”

HP is also striving to create the ‘Perfect Office’ with its notebook docking station of the same name. Basically Perfect Office (from $499) comprises of a docking station, adjustable notebook stand, keyboard, mouse, Kensington lock, HP TFT monitor and surge protector. Once the whole thing is set up, your notebook can sit propped up on your desk at eye-height – so you can use it stationed as well as on the move. Since you can also plug in a secondary monitor, you can use the notebook screen to look at email and the second monitor for an Excel spreadsheet etc. If you wish to take the notebook with you, there is a release button to take it away quickly, without powering down.

The SMB notebook range (from $2499) has been refreshed as well – now embedded with Engin’s VoIP software and the Intel Core 2 Duo chip in most of the range. They are Vista ready and also feature enhanced security features including Disk Sensitiser technology co-developed with the US Defence Department.

For the enterprise market – HP has partnered up with Vodafone to enhance its enterprise notebook with built in Vodafone 3G for internet access wherever there is a phone connection. HP’s Jerel Chong said the company chose Vodafone to partner with mainly because “it offers seamless roaming in a number of countries and the notebook will support Vodafone’s upcoming HSDPA service which will launch on Friday as well.”

HP also announced the first colour laser jet printer under $1000 – the CM 1015/17 ($999), which HP’s Irma Van Leeuwen said no one else has at

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CM 1015
this point. The main enhancements include the in-line feature, whereby the toner and colours are all in one line so there is only one pass through. This makes it faster and more reliable, Leewen says. “It also only requires four consumables, making it easier for retailers to have everything in stock,” she added. Enhanced networking options include the ability to allocate what can be printed – so an administrator can block Outlook emails from being printed in colour, thus reducing costs.

HP has also refreshed its SMB portal – which provides resources and assistance to SMBs online at www.hp.com.au/smb.

The products will be available in October or November this year.

See www.hp.com.au