HP Launches GPS iPaq PDA
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HP has launched two new iPaq PDAs, including one which incorporates 3D mapping and GPS navigation.

The iPaq 312 Travel Companion is aimed at business users and travellers. It features a 4.3-inch widescreen WVGA display and runs the Windows CE operating system (a more basic version of Windows Mobile). HP has also created an interface that sits on top of the OS, which it claims offers fast and simple navigation while an online web trip-planning portal assists in tailoring travel itineraries and researching destination information.

It comes pre-installed with games and local maps – it also features Bluetooth connectivity and an MP3, video and photo player.

The other new model is a more traditional pen-based personal digital assistant or PDA. The HP iPAQ 112 is designed as entry-level PDA based on Windows Mobile 6 for organizer, contacts, tasks, email, calendar and document viewing on the go.

HP iPAQ 312 Travel Companion $499 
HP iPAQ 112 Classic Handheld $399

See: www.hp.com.au