HP Offering Free Windows 7 Upgrade
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Customers who purchase HP PCs may receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available in October.

The company will also be offering the new Microsoft operating system on consumer and business PCs beginning October 23, 2009.

HP is currently participating in the Windows Upgrade Option Program to help customers transition easily to Windows 7. The program will enable customers who purchase qualifying HP PCs to enjoy the benefits of a new Windows-based PC immediately and receive a free upgrade to Windows 7.

General Manager of Worldwide Sales for HP at Microsoft, Nick Parker said, “Through the Windows Upgrade Option program, we can help our joint customers get new PCs now and get ready to experience the innovation and simplification that Windows 7 delivers.”

HP customers can visit www.hp.com/go/windows7upgrade to check for upgrade eligibility, register and get answers about their PCs and current operating systems. Qualifying customers will receive the Windows 7 upgrade and an upgrade utility disk with a step-by-step guide for installation at their convenience.

The HP Upgrade Assistant will also identify and pre-install most necessary drivers. The HP Support website will continue to be updated with drivers, allowing customers to easily update their PCs.

See www.hp.com/go/windows7 for more details.