HP WorkStation With Intel Xeon Grunt
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The PC giant has brought out a new range of workstations traditionally used in high end servers.

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Hewlett-Packards new Z210 workstations, which come with the new Intel Xeon processor E3 1200 (with HD Graphics P3000), are “changing the definition of the entry-level workstation,” said Graham Tucker, Intel Australia’s Technical Manager.

That means visual and 3D graphics capabilities, previously available only with use of a graphics card, will now be accessible as the processor “integrates the CPU and graphics engines on the same die,” says Tucker.  

The high end processor, which HP are now using comes from Intel’s Xeon E3 family, normally used to power servers so its little wonder it is claiming to have high performance, available in convertible mini-tower (CMT) or small form factor (SFF).

The SFF is 65 per cent smaller than the CMT version and come with the option of the Xeon E3 or the second-generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors as well as a range of professional graphics options, including 2-D choices from AMD and NVIDIA that incorporate dual graphics card capabilities supporting up to four 2-D displays.

3D choices include next-gen processor-integrated Intel HD graphics that lower the entry cost for professional 3-D graphics, and entry and midrange options from NVIDIA and AMD.

Palo Alto based HP, who have emerged as the Australian PC market leader in Q4 last year with 22 percent share, taking over from Acer, who slipped back to number two spot with 15 percent.

And worldwide, it held an impressive 45.8 per cent global market share during the same period, according to IDC figures.


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“The Z210 models raise the bar for entry-level workstation performance while providing workstation-class reliability at a highly affordable price,” HP said today. 

And they are designed for intensive tasks in industries that require high computing power, and are used in the financial sector, the oil and gas industry, in education and hospitals.

The Z210 also reduce energy usage and carbon footprint and come with a carbon footprint calculator which allows users to see how they can reduce their environmental impact and costs of computing.

The devices are out from next Friday, 13th May, starting at $1499 for both the SFF and CMT versions.