HP's digital arena
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Hewlett-Packard (HP) continues its push to dominate the Australian digital entertainment arena.

It has released a new range of sliver HP Media Centre PCs (MCPC) -the ultimate one-stop home entertainment system.
The new range combines HP’s vast experience in personal computing with cutting edge digital entertainment solutions creating the future hub for digital home living.
The range comes equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre Edition, and provides customers with every solution needed for the ultimate lounge room experience. Users can pause, rewind live TV or radio broadcasts; music lovers can experience their own digital music jukebox by assembling their entire CD, MP3 and  iPod collections on the 160GB portable hard disk; and photography enthusiasts can trawl through their library of images, all from the comfort of their sofa using a single compact remote control.
The products all feature an inbuilt LightScribe direct disk labeling technology. LightScribe enables users to burn text and photo images directly onto CDs.
No need for clumsy stickers or messy marker pens. The silkscreen-quality labels  give consumers the quality previously only available  on  professional  and  entertainment industry labels. By burning images or messages directly to disks, users can personalise disks of photos and music – wedding anniversaries, birthdays and holidays photo collections can now become personalised, professional and heartfelt looking gifts. HP’s MCPC  m7199a  is priced at $3,599  ($2,800 CPU only / F1905 19″ LCD Monitor $799).