HTC Mighty Ruby: 4.3Inch HD, Powerful Dual-Core, 8MP Camera?
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Ruby, Ruby due on the fall, are you the most powerful HTC of them all?

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Image: HTC Sensation, released here last month.

If the specs leaked on US media yesterday are true, then it is. 

HTC 4.3″ qHD Ruby touchscreen apparently sports 1.5GHz dual-core processor, (960_540) res display, front (2MP) and rear (8MP) cameras, dedicated camera and video button, 1GB of RAM and Bluetooth 3.0, according to Digital Trends. 

And Ruby will also be 4G compatible, the next gen broadband technology which Telstra look set to unleash to businesses here in September. 

The mighty Ruby is tipped for launch on US carrier T-Mobile later this year, with suggested October 26 release and may coincide with its Samsung Galaxy S II release, while the folks over at Android Central are tipping the device could be called HTC Amaze (makes sense, keeping it line with emotive names of its other smartphones like ‘Desire’ and ‘Sensation‘)

If true, then the Ruby/Amaze will indeed be more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S II, which is due for release in US very soon in any case and could well steal some of its thunder stateside. 

However, considering how slow HTC seem to be in bringing its phones cache Down Under, it could be well into next year before the Ruby lands, if at all. 

Last week, SmartHouse reported on another super phone rumoured to be on the way.