i-Mate Phones Get Major Face Lift
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In an effort to cope up with the iPhone’s intuitive touch interface, i-mate has launched its new user interface that claims to deliver a simple icon based menu.

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Called Go, the new interface delivers ‘one touch access’ to the user’s favourite functions. The i-mate Go is also expected to appeal to experienced Windows Mobile users as it offers a faster way of getting things done, whilst also ensuring the full suite of Windows Mobile tools remain within easy reach.

i-mate users can also update their smartphones to the latest Windows Mobile version (6.1) to take advantage of added enhancements like message threading, faster Wi-Fi connection, and improved battery performance.

i-mate’s CEO and founder, Jim Morrison said, “Our mobiles already offer a unique combination of impressive functionality that you won’t find in any other mobile phone.  The free release of i-mate Go together with the backing of Windows Mobile 6.1 is the icing on the cake delivering unparalleled usability and performance.  Add to that our extensive support and free innovative solutions to see why i-mate really is the smarter choice.” 

With the tap or slide of a finger, i-mate Go easily navigates through the full suite of Windows Mobile tools.  Users can customise the interface adding their own icons for one touch access to the things they use every day from emails, notes and text messages to pictures, the internet or music.  i-mate Go is available as a free download for the Ultimate 9502, Ultimate 8502, Ultimate 8150, Ultimate 6150, and JAMA 101.

i-mate GO and Windows Mobile 6.1 are available for free at www.imate.com. Simply register your i-mate mobile online and download.

See: www.imate.com