i-Mate Recalls Fire-Prone Battery
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i-Mate is recalling its batteries for the Jama phone as it has the potential to cause fire.

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According to the recall notice, users should check the battery of their i-Mate Jama phone and see if the “i-mate Jama” print on the battery is printed in blue. If it is, then i-mate has advised that users should refrain from charging the battery until replacement arrives.

This is because under certain conditions the batteries have the potential to generate excessive heat. “In extreme circumstances this may damage the battery and/or the device, and have the potential to cause fire,” says the recall notice.

Affected users should send an email to [email protected].

The e-mail must include the following information: your name, address, contact phone number, the IEC P/N and Serial number of the battery, and the IMEI number of your i-mate JAMA mobile.

Upon receipt and verification of the email your replacement battery will be immediately mailed out to you along with a reply paid satchel. users should then return the affected battery to i-mate in the reply paid satchel.

See: www.recalls.gov.au/view_recall_detail.php?Recall_ID_Auto=16185