Iconia Unleashed, $579 Acer 10.1 Honeycomb Tab, Windows 7 $899
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It comes in 7 and 10 inches on Android Honeycomb or Windows 7. Meet the new Iconia tabs. Step right up, folks. Acer Iconias are in town looking to do some serious damage in the tablets market here. But can it really match up to the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy?

Well, apparently it can. Today, journalists were presented with Acer’s answer to the tablet  – a slick, lightweight device, which on examination revealed itself to be very easy to use.

And the notebook kings didn’t just give one answer – its tabs solution consisted of the A100 and A500 on Honeycomb as well as W500 version on Windows 7.

The touch screen device was far easier to use and more responsive than the Samsung Galaxy, in my humble opinion. It offers instant access to tools like social media, multimedia and ereader making the most used functions available at an instant touch. 

Iconia A500: And starting at $579 for the A500, it matches the iPad 2 on price to the cent and comes in either Wi-Fi and or 3G version. 

Although it will be available on all networks it will be delivered on Telstra on the highest possible speed on the Next G network in June.

The W500 is a little bit pricier at $899 although this seems to be more aimed at the business sector.

Powered by the dual core Nvidia Tegra 2, the A 500 Iconia “ensures an optimal on-screen experience from every angle,” say its makers, while also offering the ultimate mobile tab and provides video and gaming in HD on its 1500:1 screen.


With its aluminium casing it also boasts a high gloss finish decorated with engraved patterns for aesthetics. 

It also comes complete with in-built HDMI port and 1080p output capability and Flash support. Acer also had gamers in mind when building this device. One of the exceptional things about this tab is its in-build motion centre, meaning controls can be slung out the window.

Acer product gurus demoed its responsiveness to the audience today, leaving viewers in no doubt of its strong handling.  

Iconia W500: The 10.1″ Iconia Tab W500, classed as delivering “the best from PCs, the best from tablets,” has a multi-touch screen but also comes with a full-size chiclet docking keyboard is “perfect for productivity,” say its makers.

And it’s not just designed to appeal to business tastes. It is, like the A500, a complete media entertainment centre and was impressive to look at and use.

It offers wide appeal with several rich extras like HD gaming, together with Dolby optimised audio, and the detachable keyboard makes its ideal for the office as well as nifty docking device.

So why not Honeycomb for this device also? “Windows 7 allows it to move seamlessly” and integration is faster than other tablets, Nigel Gore, GM of Product Management said today.

And what’s different about these slates over others is its clearfire technology, which allows users share content acrsoos a multitude of devices.

“The biggest thing going on at the moment is content,” says Gore, so his company is taking no chances in this regard.


Iconia W500 runs off the AMD platform and also comes with two 1.3MP cameras, one rear and one front-facing, ideal for pictures but also videoconferencing.

 Additional features include Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity keeping users always connected and in touch for work and play and has 6 hours battery life.

However, it appears Harvey Norman will be the only retailer the W500 tab which is release in May next unlike the others which are getting mass channel release.

Iconia A100:  The 7-inch mini tablet has a 1024×600 res ratio touch screen (16:10 aspect), supporting games, photos, videos as well emailing and social networking as well as a rear-facing HD camera. Similar to tis big sister version, it comes with HDMI support and includes several connectivity options.

Combined with Nvidia dual core processor and Adobe Flash Player 10.2, the A100 is equipped with Dolby Mobile Technology.
Its nifty and light and a $499 could carve out a niche as a starter tab.

Although I’m not sure if it can match the iPad over hyped release, the device may well make inroads into business and pleasure seekers looking for a decent tab on Android. 

The Smarthouse team will be conducting a full test in the coming weeks to let you know all that’s good or bad about the Iconia.