iiNet, Cheap Broadband And BoB2 VoIP Announced
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iiNet has updated its all-in-one home telecom hub, BoB, with the ‘BoB2’ slated for release in June.

The BoB2 includes plug and play phone and Internet service on a newly designed touch panel featuring a high resolution colour display.

It sports the same functionality as the last BoB unit like Fetchtv compatibility but also sports dual line VoIP support for two separate numbers from two separate carriers. Also in-built are USB ports for charging the unit and for hooking up hard drive storage.

Customers of the internet service provider are able to register their interest now in anticipation for a release this Autumn. The product is still being developed and tested, though it is scheduled for release in June.

“The developers at iiNet Labs have been working on BoB2 for several months to ensure the unit works perfectly and meets our customers’ future needs,” says General Manager of iiNet Labs, Steve Harley.

Part of this anticipation for the future includes being ‘NBN ready’ as the company puts it and ready to support IPV6.

The BoB2 unit, featuring an ADSL2+ modem and running Internet services like audio and video streaming will be priced at $279 or $199 on a 24 month contract with iiNet. Additional handsets will go for $89 each. This is a drop on the $369 for the current BoB handset.