iiNet Sells OzEmail Search Site
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Leading ISP iiNet has exited the search engine business with the sale of its Anzwers search portal to Ansearch Ltd.

Both search site rate in the top ten search engines on the Australian Internet. iiNet received $250,000 for the site.

The Anzwers site was started by OzEmail which iiNet acquired last year. Not core to the company’s business strategy, the business has held its own in the search engine wars which have taken place through 2005. It claims the 18,000 website that provide an Anzwers search box, text link or referral back to the search site as a key factor in that.

For Ansearch, the acquisition is designed to give it a larger piece of the online advertising pie.

“In 2005 revenue in online advertising in Australia was in excess of $650 million according to ABYS Online Advertising Expenditure Report, 2005. This was an increase of 60% on 2004. By focusing on growth through distribution, organic development and synergistic corporate and business acquisitions, like the Anzwers acquisition we aim to secure a major slice of that revenue pie,” said Dean Jones CEO of Ansearch.

“Importantly for shareholders, the Ansearch Group’s increased search capacity is expected to drive an instant increase in overall revenue” said Jones. “With Anzwers loyal audience and substantial monthly search volumes, the revenue contribution will be immediate with profitability expected within 3 months of the acquisition,” said Jones.