In-Flight A GoGo: Smartphones Can Surf The Net Flying
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Fly off into the air with Gogo in flight WiFi app. Designed for Android tabs and smartphones alike, Gogo’s new app for the platform allows user surf the Net on their device, while up in the air.

Image credit: Android Central

The free app has already been unleashed for iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry, although there is a summary fee every time you use it in-flight. 

The Android version is to be released in the coming weeks, according to Android Central. 

Many smartphone users aren’t aware that you can turn your phone service off on a Gogo equipped plane, and access the web through a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device,  Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief marketing officer says.

You can do everything except call on your device: “surf the Web, send email and access most of the features of your smartphone aside from making a phone call.”

And Apple’s iOS system accounts for 80 percent of the mobile travelers connecting to Gogo’s Wi-Fi service, to date.

“As the number of smartphone users continues to skyrocket, we’d expect that the number of passengers using their mobile devices to access the Internet in air will also continue to grow,”  he adds

However, Australian airlines have yet to join the Gogo posse, it seems. 


Gogo already provides in flight WiFi services to carriers including American Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines.