Internode Refreshes 3G Wireless Broadband Plans
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Internode announced that its NodeMobile Data 3G wireless broadband service now comes with more data quotas.The company’s NodeMobile now offers 1.5GB of data for $19.95, 5GB for $29.95, 9GB for $39.95, 12GB for $59.95 and 18GB for $79.95. Internode will also offer additional 500MB of data for $19.95 if the monthly data quota is exceeded.

All existing NodeMobile customers will either receive an automatic quota boost on their previous plans; or a free upgrade to one of the improved value plans.

Existing customers are being notified of these improvements to their service, which are being provided without any additional charges or contract commitments. They are also welcome to change to any new plan that may better suit their needs. Previously the entry level plan was 500 MB per month; and the maximum available plan was 6 GB per month.

Internode’s Product Manager, Jim Kellett said, “Many customers upgraded to multi-gigabyte 3G plans after finding that a 500MB plan did not meet their needs. We’re now providing a much wider range of plans from 1.5GB for $19.95 to 18GB for $79.95, which better reflects how people are using their 3G broadband plans in the real world.”

Internode has also cut $30 from the cost its premium 3G wireless broadband modem, the Huawei E1762.