Internode Restructure Costs Executive Jobs
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Simon Hackett the CEO of Internode and a person who throws press releases around like confetti has gone remarkable quiet today after the sudden departure of four senior executives from his Adelaide based ISP.

The four executives, including the company’s CIO and long-running network engineer Mark Newton, were made redundant over the weekend in a restructure that Hackett has remained remarkable silent about, though he has appointed himself CTO as part of the reshuffle.

In a letter to staff Chief Executive Patrick Tapper said the company had laid off Newton, along with Frank Falco who was CIO, Andrew Walton who was responsible for IT systems and network operations. Also gone is Matthew Moyle-Croft who was the DSLAMs team lead.

It is not known whether Internode has had a downturn in revenues.

Newton made his departure publicly known on Twitter this morning.

“It’s become necessary to make those critical changes within that team – none of which has been an easy decision to make,” Tapper wrote in the email to staff. “The team’s ability to deliver and operate effectively, like every other part of the business, is absolutely critical to our future success.”

It is believed the restructure is due to the pending role out of the National Broadband Network.