Iomega Hard Drive Integrates Dual Backup
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Iomega Corporation today announced an industry first in integrating local and remote backup in a single product offering designed for the home office and small businesses.

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Iomega’s Prestige 500GB Desktop HDD external hard drives, which is the company’s entry-level USB 2.0 desktop drive, are rolling out with a new downloadable software bundle that integrates EMC Retrospect Express backup and recovery software with Mozy online backup service. Iomega claims this improves the convenience of securely storing, protecting and accessing important files.

The new EMC backup bundle is currently available on the newly introduced Prestige 500GB Desktop HDD, which is Iomega’s entry level USB 2.0 desktop drive.

Today, buyers of Iomega external hard drives can now choose the version of Retrospect Express backup software that is right for their needs, as well as the easy-to-use added bonus of 2GB of MozyHome online backup.

MozyHome is a consumer service that enables Windows and Mac users to securely back up important files – such as photos, music, videos, financial documents and more – over the internet to world-class EMC data centres. By automatically sending copies of these files to a safe, remote location, MozyHome provides protection against fire, theft, natural disaster, and all the other unexpected events from which a local backup provides little or no relief. Because MozyHome backs up throughout the day and night, it provides an additional layer of protection from hardware failure and accidental deletion. With 2GB of free storage, MozyHome makes it easy to try online backup.