iPad Rival Gets Pricing, Shipping March
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It has taken the better part of a year to appear, but now UK consumers have been given pricing on what has claimed to be a real rival for the iPad.

AHX Global has announced the pricing structure for its Windows-based iTablet, which is said to focus less on ‘ design that limits the usefulness of highly priced media tablets that don’t allow creative applications to be run’.

The British-designed device was launched at CES this year, after announcing it at last year’s event and beating Apple with the brand name, and is one of the first of the new breed of tablet computers designed for the professional consumer market. 

With Windows 7 Home Premium and a trial version of Microsoft Office and network connectivity, the iTablet is said to be the one of the hardest working tablets on the market today.

It is powered by an Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz processor with 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, allowing multiple applications to be run simultaneously, something that cannot be achieved with other commonly used operating systems.

Francis Davis, CEO of AHX Global, said: “iTablet fills the gap in the market for business and lifestyle users for whom Wi-Fi connectivity to networks is a key requirement.”

First announced at CES 2010, when it created a storm of media interest, Davis says the device is a  genuine tablet computer that is both familiar and intuitive to use with existing Windows applications and meets the needs of users to gather, create, process, share and act on data around the clock regardless of location.

It has a 10.1 inch widescreen capacitive touchscreen and an integrated graphics processor that  delivers high quality images at up to 1024 x 600 resolution in either landscape or portrait formats. 


A large onscreen keyboard makes inputting text a simple process and, with 32GB storage capacity, itablet has plenty of room to download and store important documents, pictures, films, music, games, e-books, news and other content. 

The integrated SD card reader enables photographs and other files to be viewed or uploaded and an HDMI output provides high quality playback of HD video and pictures through larger TV screens.  Audio playback can be through the built-in stereo speakers or stereo headphones. 

Stanley Hsu, General Manager, AHX Global, said: “iTablet provides users with the same full desktop experience on the move that can be achieved with a laptop but in a more compact, lightweight and easy to use form factor.”

iTablet is fully equipped with Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networking enabling users to easily connect to wireless networks to download and edit files or access the internet. 

Users can surf the internet, with full  Flash compatibility, using their choice of browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.  An integrated 2 mega-pixel webcam and microphone are also included for video and VoIP conferencing applications.

The company behind iTablet is AHX Global, a joint venture between X2 Computing, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobile computing solutions and AMtek Systems, the leading Taiwanese designer of tablet computers. 

AHX Global also simultaneously launched the W10_, which is powered by an Intel Atom Z510 1.3GHz processor with 1GB DDR2 SDRAM running Windows 7 Starter Edition.  It shares the same features as the W10_ but does not have a webcam or HDMI outputs.

The itablet  W10_  is to retail at $849.99 and itablet W10_ will retail at $749.99. Deliveries of the Windows itablets will start in March.