iPhone 4 Owners Have Overdrafts, Android Owners Have Good Jobs & Money
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The iPhone 4 looks flash, and owners like them because they add a touch of “status” but the reality is that one in five owners of the must-have phone admit that they operate their life in overdraft mode. This is double the national average.

A  YouGov poll in the UK revealed that 54 per cent of those using the rival Android phone system and half of BlackBerry owners say they are never overdrawn and are more likely to earn more than those who with an iPhone.

The figures were revealed in a survey which found financial status and salary can be linked to what type of smartphone you use.

The YouGov poll found that ten per cent of BlackBerry owners earned more than $100,000 a year, but only five per cent of iPhone users reached this salary bracket.

A total of seven per cent of Android phone owners had a salary in this range.

Just under a half of iPhone users earn less than $40,000 a year, compared with 38 per cent who own a BlackBerry and 27 per cent of Android users.
The Android has overtaken the iPhone as Britain’s most popular smartphone with 28 per cent of those polled owning one, compared with Apple’s 26 per cent.