iPhone 4: Unlocked But Big Price Shock
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Apple are a-changing. First they rolled back iTunes to the cloud and now they unblocking iPhone 4. (What next allowing Android OS to be used on iPad 3?)

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Well, lets stick with the latest bombshell for now.

Factory unlockediPhone 4 can now be bought on US networks AT&T and T-Mobile meaning users are not locked into fixed term contracts or specific networks and can use the device on international carriers.

And users can also cross over between networks giving iPhoners more flexibility than previously allowed. 

The iPhone 4 has already been sold unlocked in China since last September following poor sales of its predecessor, the 3GS.

This US release could also be a strategic sales push by Apple ahead of the release of iPhone 5, and also maintain interest in the iOS device as Android edges its way further into consumer consciousness. 

The US love iPhone 4 and has witnessed 155 percent year over year market growth there, Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook revealed.

However, there’s one slight snag. The price.

A 16GB version is US$649 (AU $608) or US$749 (AU$701) for 32GB in the US.

However, this is less than the Aussie price as per usual. In Australia, Vodafone charges $764 to buy the 16GB outright on a $30 recharge for an unlocked iPhone.


Still, this marks a massive jump from any fixed contract deal, which allows users pay usually just a nominal sum for the iOS device.