iPhone 5: No Borders, 4 Inch Screen & 2X Processors?
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Leaked images have shown an iPhone 5 with a full edged screen as speculation hots up.

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Image: Alibaba

The pics which emerged from Kulcase.com, show illustrations of new cases accompanied by a prototype image of the edge to edge screen which appears to be part of the specs for ‘5’.

And although leaks can never be relied on in full, this evidence would corroborate with previous rumours, which have tipped a larger four inch display screen with 960×640 resolution.

The case design from the Guangdong based supplier, Alibaba, which it calls the ‘newest design crystal case for Apple iPhone 5G’ appear to be based on iPhone plans leaked from Apple, which are also made in the region by third party manufacturers.

The cases are already being offered for sale in bulk orders.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time such a leak has taken place. Chinese workers from Foxxconn, Apple’s contract manufacturers were arrested last year following the leak of iPad 2 design to accessories suppliers.

However, considering the low wages the Apple workers are paid it’s hardly surprising they might be looking to earn some extra cash on the side, if money even exchanges hands.

The three workers were charged with violating trade secrets and leaking design information in December last year.

But another analyst believes the hyped device won’t even be known as 5, but rather ‘iPhone 4S’, and will be double the speed and power of previous models with an in built dual-core A5 processor (like the Motorola’s new released Atrix) and HSPA+ connectivity, claims Peter Misek from Jefferies & Co.

Misek also contends 4S will be announced in the US “in time for the holidays” which in Aussie terms means anytime from around mid June onwards, Mashable.com reports.


Other rumours that have previously done the rounds on the fifth generation iPhone include talks of a metal backed cover, which has been branded “The Terminator.”