iPhone 5 WAS Real (Til Jobs Scrapped It)
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So it wasn’t just a load of hype: Apple ditched iPhone 5 because Steve Jobs threw a hissy fit over the larger screen size. That’s according to an industry source who revealed Jobs was unhappy with the larger iPhone 5 screen, believing it “fragmented” the device as it differed from previous models.

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This is what could have been

iPhone 5 was scrapped just three months before 4S release – to the surprise of many Apple engineers. Jobs died just one day after 4S was revealed, on October 5th last.

The 2011 iPhone 5 that never was – had a 4 inch screen diagonally, just slightly smaller than its arch rival Samsung Galaxy S II, an industry insider close to Apple told businesinsider.com.

The globally hyped iPhone 5 also sported a metal back similar to iPad 2 and was also flatter, as a previous flurry of internet rumours had suggested, a coloured screen, 10Mp camera (compared to 8Mp on 4S), far more powerful but with poor battery life (no change on 4S then).

There was also a mysterious home button which  “was not a physical press button. You could touch it and hold it and physically reboot the device,” the insider, who saw the device, claimed.

But forget about the iPhone’s past, the future iPhone 5 – now looking at a 2012 release – could be sporting luminous colours like pink and blue.



Apple wants to create a rainbow of iPhones with the use “liquid metal” technology, the source also indicated.

This is what was

The rumours were always that there were going to be two releases – a budget iPhone 4S and brand spanking new iPhone 5.