Is Asus Set To Sign Its Own Death Knell?
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Asus is set to move into the US market with its own branded notebooks, a move wich some say could be dangerous as they OEM manufacture Dell and HP notebooks.Asus will take the Acer route pioneered by Stan Shih and will introduce products in the US under its own brand.

The Taiwan Economic News said that means a re-shuffle of the top guns at Asustek, with the marketing president of its Chinese division becoming the VP in charge of US branding.

This may not be as easy as Asus would like it to be, seeing as US brands HP and Dell use it as an original design manufacturer. You can understand why Asus is cheesed off at Acer’s success in foreign markets, but Stan Shih started his overseas branding operations 16 years back – and the acquisition of the TI notebook business helped quite a bit.

The Economic News said that Asustek is the world’s ninth notebook brand – it sells its kit under its own brand in Europe and in Asia Pacific. Storming the US fortress might be easier said than done.