Its Here: Telstra Unleash IPv6 (Part II)
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Next gen web: Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) has been unleashed for Telstra business and enterprise.

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In September, the telco unleashed the first round of IPV 6 web addresses for business meaning companies won’t run out of Internet addresses on current IPv4 – predicted to happen in the next few years.

Now, IPV 6 is going to even more enterprise, business and government customers, Telstra confirmed today.

Internet Protocol version 6  is the next generation of internet addresses, offering new, longer IP addresses to overcome the impending shortage of IPv4 addresses globally.

Telstra’s IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) solutions are now capable of supporting IPv6 for enterprise, the telco confirmed.

The deployment of IPv6 in Telstra’s IP VPN follows the availability of IPv6 on Telstra Internet Direct service in September last.

“We have a long-term roadmap for deploying IPv6 capability into our networks, and are pleased that many of our business customers can use this new service to support the transition of their corporate networks to IPv6,” says Telstra Director Transport and Routing Engineering, David Robertson.

The deployment of IPv6 into Telstra’s network is an on-going program of work, and plans to make it available for other services such as DSL and wireless networks over time, it said today.

The telco will be working with customers who have expressed an interest in moving to IPv6 to help them through that transition.

“As stocks of IPv4 addresses diminish globally, we need to commence moving to the new addressing system. By dual stacking IPv4 and IPv6 in our network, customers can opt into IPv6 in their own time, and according to the lifecycle upgrade of their existing equipment,” Robertson added.

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Australia’s biggest telco says it expects IPv6 will become the norm and customers need to opt-out if they wish to use IPv4.

Telstra is one of the first Australasian network service providers to invest in scalable IPv6 capability across Data and IP Solutions for the enterprise market.