Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is promising a fight in the Coalition party room on electric cars’ future in Australia when Parliament sittings resume in February.

This comes after three Coalition members – Liberal Craig Kelly and National Party members Andrew Broad and John Williams – this week said they would oppose government support for electric cars at the next party-room meeting and would argue that no further subsidies should be given to the sector (CDN, yesterday).

While they are unlikely to get a lot of support, there may be some, nudged perhaps by the oil and coal mining industries.

Frydenberg yesterday was unrepentant, saying that the Turnbull Government would continue to support the e-car industry. But, he added: “What we will need to see is some of the infrastructure issues solved, because [car buyers will] want to make sure that if they do purchase an electric vehicle, that they can plug it in when they go on a long road trip and that the infrastructure is consistent throughout the country.”