Keep Tabs On Your Baby With Belkin's Wemo Monitor
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Keep an ear on your sleeping baby from your Apple device.

Belkin has released the WeMo Baby monitor, a device that streams high-quality audio from your baby’s room to your Apple device wherever you are.

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Setting up the WeMo baby monitor is a simple affair. Plug it in, download the free up and connect to your wireless network. It’ll stream real-time audio to your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and it is possible to stream to multiple mobile devices, allowing mum, dad and the babysitter to tune in at the same time.

WeMo Baby works over Cellular and WiFi

Although the application is a free download, there is an optional upgrade. For $5.49, the app–which is powered by Evoz–will notify parents when they’re baby is crying via text or email and will generate an analysis of a baby’s patterns, both crying and sleeping.

The WeMo Baby monitor joins the existing Belkin’s existing line of WeMo devices, which deliver home automation-style functionality through your smartphone. In Australia, the baby monitor will be made available for $99.95 as of the 1st of May.