Kensington Unveils New Notebook Accessories
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Kensington has launched its new range of notebook accessories which include a universal docking station, two new Pro Fit mice, a wireless presenter, and two compact power adaptors.

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Kensington Universal Notebook Docking Station

The Kensington Universal Notebook Docking Station with VGA/DVI and Ethernet converts your notebook into a desktop with its multitude of ports. All a user needs to do is to plug a single USB cable into your laptop and users will instantly be connected to a high-resolution monitor, printer, speakers, and all other hardware devices you may need. It is available now for $250.

Kensington also unveiled the Pro Fit Wireless Mid-Size Mouse ($29.95) – a mouse that sports a right-handed design and uses 2.4GHz wireless technology for wireless control. A wired version, called Pro Fit USB/PS2 Wired Mid-Size Mouse is also available for $19.95.

The Kensington Wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser Pointer ($89.95) has an extended 150 foot wireless range, four intuitive control buttons, and a USB receiver. It offers intuitive control and comfort in the palm of your hand and even includes a convenient travel case for protection on the go.

The company has also unveiled a new Wall Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adaptor ($149.95/$169.95) that includes a retractable mini USB charging cable and micro USB adapter tip.

“The Kensington Wall/Air Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adaptor includes a travel pack with airline charging cable, retractable mini USB charging cable, micro USB adapter tip and travel pouch,” said the company.