Kingston Debuts Affordable 8GB USB Flash
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USB flash drives have become a popular method of quickly transferring data from one PC to another. Now Kingston has introduced an entry-level range which makes large capacity drives more affordable for consumers.

Available in capacities up to 8GB, the DataTraveler 110 range is designed to deliver ultra-fast read/write speeds at a low price, Kingston says.

Pricing starts at $13.90 for a 1GB drive, with the top of the range 8GB priced at $90.90.

“The DT110 provides an economic way to transfer and transport data whenever and wherever you travel.” said Kingston regional manager ANZ, Vaughan Nankivell.

The drives feature a capless, retractable USB connector and are available in different colours according to capacity: purple (1GB), blue (2GB), red (4GB) and green (8GB).

Kingston DT110 is backed by a five-year warranty and free technical support.

DT110P/1GBFE1GB USB Drive – Purple $ 13.90
DT110B/2GBFE2GB USB Drive – Blue $ 22.90
DT110R/4GBFE4GB USB Drive – Red $ 38.90
DT110G/8GBFE8GB USB Drive – Green $ 90.90