Kingston Extends Speedy Class 10 Family For Memory Hungry Devices
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Kingston Digital has announced that it is shipping a 4GB and 8GB Class 10 microSDHC card later this month, to add to the previously released 16GB Class 10 card, and will include new mobility kits which will provide an adapter and reader for microSDHC card versatility.

The Class 10 cards have a fast minimum data transfer rate of 10MB per second, and the company said it will add a 32GB capacity card to the family in Q2.

Nathan Su, Kingston’s Flash Memory Sales Director for the APAC region, said: “Kingston’s Class 10 microSDHC cards are compatible with many of the latest mobile phones including Android smartphones and BlackBerry devices, hi-def cameras and the increasingly popular tablet PCs.The Class 10 speed provides faster data transfer rates and the various capacities help satisfy storage needs for users with both light and heavy memory needs.”

The new cards also offer greater mobility and versatility when used with the Mobility/Multi-Kit, which includes an SD adapter and a USB card reader.

The SD adapter allows users to capture continuous images or videos in digital cameras while the reader provides a simple and fast way to transfer data to a host PC.

In addition to the Class 10 cards, Kingston currently ships the microSDHC card in a Class 4 specification as both a standalone and part of the Mobility/Multi-Kit in capacities up to 32GB. The cards are backed by a lifetime warranty and come with free technical support.

The microSDHC Class 10 cards are compliant with the SD Card Associations specifications, and are compatible with microSDHC host devices, but not with standard microSD-enabled devices. They include a FAT32 file format and come with a lifetime warranty. They weigh just 2.7g and and offer a minimum data transfer rate speed of 10MB/s.