Kiwis Glued To Their Screens
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New Zealanders are developing into a nation of addictive big- and small-screen watchers, a new Roy Morgan report suggests.Findings include:

– Some 76pc Kiwis now have a smartphone, and most stay glued to it. For instance,

some 53 percent of smartphone owners and 60 percent of tablet owners now surf

online while watching TV.

– Some 92pc say the Internet is their preferred media to use at least once on a

normal weekday-and no less than 22 percent use it all day.

– During the week, 77pc watch free-to-air TV shows via broadcast, 39pc record

shows, and 12pc watch catch-up.

 -The average Kiwi spends 8.5 hours on a normal weekday on TV, radio and

Internet (which includes “multi-media” time, such as online browsing

while watching TV or listening to the radio).

“With all this extra time spent using media, the proportion of Kiwis who

say there are ‘not enough hours in the day’ has also gone up: from 59pc in 2012

to 67pc last year,” Morgan reports. No wonder.