Kogan Slashes Apple iPad 2 Price, Undercutting JB HiFi & Harvey Norman
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In house electronics company Kogan will begin selling Apple, Nikon, Samsung and Canon products at heavily discounted prices, including a top of the range iPad 2 at $789.

Kogan, who up until now has only sold in-house products, will begin offering some brand name products without the heavy price tag.

Apple’s top of the range iPad 2, with 3G connectivity and 64GB of internal memory, is being sold at $789. That’s $160 less than Harvey Norman who sells the same iPad variant at $949.

Canon and Nikon cameras are also cheap, with Canon’s EOS 1100D being offered for $479, $219 less than discount retailer JB HiFi. The savings are even greater on Nikon’s D3100, selling for an almost double $949 at Harvey Norman, while Kogan offer it for $489.

Kogan claim their cut-throat pricing is made possible by “cutting out the middleman.”

The company’s founder Ruslan Kogan said on his website the move “is a natural extension of the existing business,” and they were inspired by computer company Dell.

“We have learned from our friends at Dell, who decided to add to their existing core range of computers with a whole host of complementary products, including Kogan TVs. Just as Dell has become synonymous with best value in computers, Kogan is becoming synonymous with best value in other technology products.”

The company believes its prices will help it in the electronics ‘war’ against JB HiFi and Harvey Norman, explicitly singling them out.


“Today’s expansion will take another massive chunk of Harvey Norman’s and JB Hi-Fi’s market share by offering the World’s best prices on Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Canon and Nikon products.

“We can expect the big retailers – and their lobby groups – to run crying to the Government for assistance,” he said.