Laser MFDs Beating All The Economic Odds
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According to IDC’s recent Tracker research, the Australian Laser Multi-Function Device (MFD) market is not slowing and in fact is much more optimistic than it was for the same period a year ago.

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IDC’s Australia Laser MFD Tracker, Q108 revealed that the market grew by 33.2 per cent year-on-year (Q1-08/Q1-07) and 14.3 per cent sequentially (Q1-08/Q4-07).

“The laser MFD market in Australia continued to demonstrate resilience in the face of increasing economic pressure. In fact, the market benefited from the strong Australian dollar, which allowed hardware vendors to offer even more affordable prices to customers. Additionally, the consolidation of multiple devices (printer, copier, scanner, fax) into one has been an ongoing accelerator for the industry and continued to gain more traction,” said Katarzyna Czubak, Market Analyst, Hardcopy Peripheral Research at IDC Australia.

In a separate IDC survey Australian businesses are printing more than ever, with 60 per cent of businesses indicating that the number of pages printed or copied in their organisations had increased when compared to five years ago.

“In an environment where saving costs and energy is becoming an increasing priority, the importance of multifunction devices as powerful and efficient hubs of printing and imaging activity cannot be understated. IDC also expects a growing number of organisations to consider deploying managed services in order to optimise operational efficiency and achieve cost reductions” concludes Czubak.

The Laser MFD Vendor Market Share:

HP                       32.5%
Brother                 24.0%
Samsung                18.7%
Canon                     7.4%
Fuji Xerox Printers    6.6%
Lexmark                 4.4%
Others                     6.4%