Lasoo Ropes In Online Shoppers
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Salmat has launched, a central retail web hub connecting online shoppers with traditional retailers. The new site expects to cater to demand from around 5 million Australians who buy goods online.

Direct marketing and call centre company Salmat announced it will be launching the site in response to a perceived demand from shoppers who use the web to buy clothing, electrical and whitegoods.

Salmat Joint Managing Director Philip Salter yesterday told The Australian: “Right now there is no single place that they can go to perform that research.

“ is an aggregated internet site that is fully searchable and browsable for consumer to quickly find what their local retailers are promoting.”

He described it as a “web to store” strategy, seeking to link online shoppers and traditional retailers who are less likely to respond to the more traditional forms of advertising.


Salmat’s move into the digital sales channel is part of a broader plan to increase the digital element of its business model, which has until now relied on unaddressed mail campaigns, call centre and other traditional marketing efforts.

It used the announcement of its annual results to signal its move into online retail – Salmat’s full year sales for 2007 were $601.9 million, up 14.3 percent from 2006.

The business recorded net profit after tax of $44.3 million for the year to 30 June 2007, an increase of 69.1% over FY2006 ($26.2 million).

Joint Managing Directors Peter Mattick and Phil Salter said: ‘This has been one of our busiest and most
important year’s on record with many key operational and strategic initiatives implemented. We’re pleased that we finished the year with strong sales growth of over 14% and our earnings in line with guidance.”

Salmat’s call centre business Salesforce was one of its biggest profit sources, with the increasing uptake of business process outsourcing driving it to produce $243.6 million in revenue, up over 35 percent on last year’s figures of almost $180 million.