Launch Close For new Samsung phablet, trade whispers say
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Samsung is expected to launch a new model of its Galaxy Note “phablet” on Friday, according to a number of reports. The main launch event will be held in New York.

There are also reports that this event will also see the debut of the 5.5in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and a new circular smartwatch.

The Note 5 is expected to go on sale in the US on August 21. There’s so far no news on an Australian launch.

Samsung has reportedly ditched the leather design of last year’s Galaxy Note opting instead for a aluminium and glass body, similar to the design of the Galaxy S6. Screen size is tipped to be 5.9 inches, up from 5.7in. on the current model.

Reports suggest it will also feature Samsung’s Exynos 7422 chip rather than a Qualcomm processor. The Exynos 7422 is reported to combine CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem all on a single chip.