LG Invents Toughest Monitor In The World
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For those looking for a display that can take a beating- and I mean a real beating, without smashing it into a thousand pieces, LG has just the thing for you.

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courtesy: www.electricpig.co.uk

According to tech site electricpig.co.uk, the 19-inch L1942PP and 17-inch L1742PP monitors have screens come with a 7H hardness rating, while regular acrylic-screened monitors can muster only 2H or less.

According to the report, during testing LG apparently dropped a 600 gm steel ball onto the tempered glass, without causing as much as a scratch or dent.

And while most people don’t go around throwing half-full cans of beer at our PCs, LG seems to think these monitors will find suitable applications in schools, Internet cafes, libraries- possibly even gaols as well as other public places where screen damage could be expected.

According to Patricia Cheung from LG Australia, there are no plans yet to bring out this range of monitors to Australia, however one would think that with specs like these, there would be some places here where these monitors would find a good home.