LG Reveals New "Super" 4K LED & OLED TV's With Dolby Vision + HRD
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LG has taken the high tech road with their new OLED and 4K Super LED TV’s using leading industry experts and an Australian movie maker to spin their 2016 message.

The Company who grew their share of the Australian TV market in 2016, using their exclusive, OLED technology to spearhead their TV brand messaging in 2015, is now adding Dolby Vision and HRD into the equation.

They have also said that the Curved TV market is growing and that they will continue to deliver a range of curved TV’s despite the fact that both Samsung and Hisense are cutting back their Curved TV offering. 

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Both Dolby Vision and HRD technologies will be available this year on other TV brands.

For the first time in Australia LG is coining the phase Super UHD to flog their 4K UHD TV range.

This tagline was first used by Samsung last year to differentiate their products from their standard 4K UHD TV’s.

LG is using the “Super” branding to keep its HDR TVs distinct from non-HDR TVs.

 “LG Super UHD TVs are the first to be compatible with all HDR formats for images that come to life as never before along with access to the most HDR content choices,” claims Grant Vandenberg, Marketing Manager for LG Home Entertainment.

The TVs support both DolbyVision and HDR10, as well as HDR content from Netflix. Ironically the launch was held in a Foxtel Studio. 

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Every TV in the new Australian range from LG features LG’s IPS 4K Quantum display technology, which makes for fantastic viewing angles. The company’s 10-bit “Billion Rich Colours” also makes an appearance, allowing for maximum realism and colour depth.

Also at the launch was Australian, Hollywood Cinematographer Peter James who talked passionately about HDR and what it means to the movie industry.
“HDR is one of the most important recent innovations in filmmaking because it results in a huge step-up in picture quality.

“As a director of photography, I want to be able to produce footage as close to the director’s vision as possible. What I’m looking for is to show the full tonal range of a scene, all the true variations of colour, the full contrast and the details within shadow areas.

“In this regard HDR is more important than resolution or simply increasing the brightness levels, and it will transform the experience of watching movies, dramas and documentaries on TV.

“From what I’ve seen HDR content combined with LG TVs with HDR technology truly takes viewing to a whole new level, especially by creating greater detail in darker scenes.”

While more HDR content is obviously coming in the future from people other than Netflix, LG wants prospective buyers to know that there is plenty of HDR content already available. 

“With a robust slate of Dolby Vision titles already available through streaming service providers, consumers are guaranteed an unparalleled HDR experience in their living room, where watching TV is now more like looking through a window,” Patrick Griffis Vice President of Technology at Dolby Laboratories said.

Expanded LG 4K UHD OLED TV Range

Some of the LG TV’s introduced in Australia were shown at CES 2016.

The new LG 77/ 65″ LG G6 and 65/55″ E6 4K UHD OLED TVs are the thinnest LG 4K UHD OLED TVs to date the Korean Company claims. 

The LG G6 and E6 series are the first TVs from LG to feature the company’s ‘Picture-On-Glass’ design, which delivers an ultra-thin OLED panel mounted on a toughened glass back. It is only 2.57mm at its thinnest point.
It also has a forward-facing sound bar speaker system with sound designed by harman/kardon. TV smarts are delivered by an upgraded version of LG webOS 3.0 Smart TV OS.
The LG G6 and E6 series both have Dolby Vision integrated into the sets.

The LG Super UHD 4K TV includes the 55/65″ UH950T, 79UH953T, 86UH955T, 60UH850T and 75UH855T. 

The premium LG Super UHD 4K TV models have an expanded colour reproduction gamut, advanced picture and sound-enhancing features as well as Dolby Vision.

The full range and pricing is available below. 

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