LG Scarlet TV Launch More C Grade Than A grade
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COMMENT: There are A grade celebrity launches and C grade celebrity launches but the event held last night in Sydney for the new LG Scarlet LCD TV was definitely a C grade launch attended by B grade celebrities and those paid to attend which included actress Natassia Malthe who is best known for her appearances in B grade movie flicks such as Sex & Death, Blood Suckers, and Alone in The Dark.
Also making a quick appearance were members of the Sharks NRL football team who just happen to be sponsored by LG the makers of the new Scarlet LCD TV and a host of reality TV rejects who appeared quite happy sipping warm pink champagne.

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Unknown models parade on a catwalk

In a desperate attempt to reverse their declining position in the LCD TV market LG, under the direction of Warren Kim the former national merchandising manager for Telstra’s Digital, Data, IT and Fixed Line business the Korean Company is spending over $100 million dollars in an attempt to take market share away from Sony, Samsung and Panasonic in the flat screen TV market.

LG’s strategy however is flawed. Rather than be evolutionary like Sony Samsung and Panasonic LG has chosen to be revolutionary. Their strategy is wrapped around the launch of a bright red backed LCD TV called Scarlet.

Talk to any automotive marketing manager and they will tell you that red cars do not sell and even worse is their resale value.  But to convince consumers to buy a red backed TV which in 2 years time will look so dated is a massive risk.

In an attempt to jack up interest in their new Scarlet TV LG in their wise wisdom decided on a global tease campaign  the company made readers and TV viewers believe that a new movie starring Norwegian model and actress Natassia Scarlet Malthe and produced by David Nutter ? of the hit show “The Sopranos” ? was in the making.

From billboards and bus shelter posters to online banners, Malthe has made public appearances at film premiers around the world including last night in Sydney in support of her fictitious role, while the ad copy offered no hint of LG. Also in toe was Director David Nutter who between them they are believed to be netting in excess of $15M dollars.

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Graham Cunningham LG sales Spruikes Scarlet TV

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LG sales boss spruiks Scarlet

Not making a show at the local Scarlet TV launch was Aussie actors Gary Sweet or former Home and Away star Sharni Vinson who appear in the tease trailer alongside Natassia Scarlet Malthe. Also missing was recently appointed LG Marketing Director David Brand who gave the event a pass in favour of LG marketing events in New York and Paris.

“To spend money without letting people know about our brand is really risky. But that’s the punch line of this campaign. It will change the rules of the game,” Lee Kwan-sup, vice president of LG’s Digital Display Global Brand Marketing Team, said, adding his company can’t match its bigger rivals on media spending.

“What we really want is to increase our brand recognition. Strengthening consumers’ emotional attachment to that brand is the key to long-term success,” Lee said.

The only problem is that the new Scarlet LCD TV is very ordinary up against some tough new offerings from Samsung, Panasonic and Sony the current market leader in the TV market.

Rather than be evolutionary LG is banking on being revolutionary and like the big budget tease flick the TV lacks any substance above and beyond what LG has offered in LCD TV’s in the past. This is the same Company that 3 years ago rolled out the Internet fridge which at the time they said would be a big hit. Today I cannot find one retailer stocking the fridge let alone a consumer owning one.