LG To Take On Samsung in OZ PC Market
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LG Australia is set to enter the PC business with a line-up of notebooks wafer thin Ultrabooks and a new range of tablets, the Korean Company currently sells a range of monitors.

<p>Their move back into the PC business&nbsp; comes as arch rival Samsung continues to grab PC market share away from traditional PC market players, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer.</p> <p>According to GFK data Samsung has achieved over 25% growth in the PC during the past 12 months .</p> <p>LG Marketing General Manager Lambro Skropidis told ChannelNews that the Company will shortly announce several new PC products that will complement the Companies range of smartphones.</p> <table align=”left” border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”4″> <tbody> <tr> <td width=”450″ height=”370″><img width=”450″ height=”370″ src=”http://news.smarthouse.com.au/resources/articleimages/nlquuipy_embeded_image_1.jpg” border=”0″></td></tr></tbody></table> <p></p> <p>ChannelNews understands that the range will include a smart new all in one PC, a “two wafer thin tablets” and the Super Ultrabooks Z330.</p> <p>”We are entering the PC market as this allows us to expand our LG product range in Australia” said Skropidis.</p> <p>According to Michael Doyle the General Manager of Sales at LG Australia the Company now has the best line up of products “for many years”.</p> <p>”Our product range is looking really strong from appliances and smartphones to TV and shortly PC’s” said Doyle.</p> <p>The first hint that LG was set to renter the PC market in Australia came at CES when LG showed a new range of&nbsp; PC’s at CES 2013. Revealed was a wafer thin white all-in-one PC, an Ultrabooks and a sliding laptop which can become a Windows 8 tablet. </p> <p>The all in one PC has&nbsp; room for an optical drive with the device designed in a way that the USB ports, including an optical drive are built into the base of the screen for easy access.</p> <p>The new Z360 Ultrabooks has a Full HD – 1080p – IPS screen which is the same technology that is built into LG’s award winning 27″ monitor.</p> <p>There will be a selection of processor options available too, from i3 up to i5 and i7. Also included are dual microSD slots.</p> <p>The new LG Tab-book looks similar to an Ultrabooks/tablet. It will be available with a Core i5 processor and an 11.6-inch IPS display, and a keyboard that can slide behind the screen to give you a tablet PC.</p> <p><br>&nbsp;</p>