LG: "We Dropped The Ball", But Vows 4G Comeback
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LG has admitted its smartphone portfolio has been a letdown within the last 12-18 months, but has avowed a comeback with the release of four 4G smartphones in Australia by early 2013.

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Ben Glimmerveen, the head of Mobile Communications at LG, opened up to PCWorld Australia saying “We were behind the game in smartphones, we dropped the ball. That’s a global admission and it’s good that we’ve done that.

As their feature-set expands, consumers are turning to smartphones to surf the web, take photos, manage multimedia and control their home automation systems. In fact, the bulk of Samsung’s profits now come from smartphones.

Looking to capitalise on the smartphone boom, LG is looking towards 4G technology with the hope fast internet speeds can help the company become a staple brand.

“What we’ve done now is we’ve been on the front foot with the next tier of where this telecommunications phase is going which is LTE,” Glimmerveen said; however he refused to specify which 4G models will be released.

“LG launched the first global LTE dongle, we launched the first global LTE handset and the next phase of that now is to make sure that we bring the strength of that technology into a solid, consistent road-map which we will see in Australia in the early part of 2013,” he said.


“We’ve got four LTE handsets in that time period, we hope that will increase. To be very open and honest it probably will.”

Odds are LG’s Optimus LTE2, the first smartphone to feature 2GB of RAM, will be one of the LTE handsets released in Australia. The 4.7 inch smartphone has a HD (720×1280) resolution screen and is expected to go on sale in Korea by June.