Linksys Unveils New Managed Switches
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Linksys has added two new managed switches to its small business range.

The Gigabit WebView Switches offer gigabit speed plus intelligence and security to the network, Linksys says. Each has eight 10/100/1000Mbps ports, compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces shipping on current servers, workstations and storage devices. They also support existing 10/100 Mbps clients. There are also optional mini-GBIC ports to allow for network expansion.

Both switches also feature Linksys’s WebView management interface, which the company describes as “intuitive and secure”.

The SWR2008 (RRP $539.95) features IEEE 802.1 VLANs, IEEE 802.1X port authentication, MAC-based filtering and Access Control Lists. It also has improved QoS control and advanced traffic management features, which helps improve voice and video communication, Linksys says.

The SWR2008P (RRP$ 749.95) supports IEEE802.3af for PoE. It has the features of the SWR2008, as well as offering support for four ports at 15.4W each or eight ports at 7.7W each. All ports have automatic load sensing.

The products are available now. More information is available at