Logitech Laptop Speakers
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Logitech has extended its audio product line with the company’s first speakers designed specifically for laptop owners – the V20 laptop speakers. Compact and lightweight, the V20 speakers are convenient to include when travelling for business or pleasure.

With worldwide sales of notebook computers on the rise, along with the popularity of digital music downloads, laptop audio is becoming increasingly important. Logitech is addressing the rapidly growing notebook computer market by providing people with high quality audio when they are on the go.

“We’re bringing our expertise in audio to the people who own laptops,” said Marco Manera, general manager of Logitech Australia. “We designed the V20 laptop speakers with portability, quality and affordability in mind. We removed the power brick to provide a lightweight solution with less cords and focused on quality sound so listening to music from a laptop computer is now a great experience.”

The V20 speakers are USB powered and require no additional cables – they just plug into the USB port to deliver crisp, digital audio quality anywhere. Since the speakers are USB powered, they will work with both PC and Mac laptop computers. Including a collapsible stand on each satellite for maximum portability, they also come with a protective travel case, making it easy to organise cables while shielding the speakers from bumps and scratches.

In spite of their small size, the V20 speakers deliver outstanding bass due to the combination of two-inch high-excursion drivers and three-inch pressure drivers. For convenience, Logitech has integrated multimedia controls (play, pause, stop, skip forward and back, volume and mute) into the top of the speakers so there is no more fumbling with a notebook keyboard to control common multimedia functions.

The Logitech V20 laptop speakers have an expected retail price of $129.00.